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We are so pleased to welcome you and your child to our practice.

The first visit to the dentist may be the most important in your child's life.  It's an experience that will help determine life-long health attitudes, hopefully for the better.  That is why we go slowly and take all the time that your child needs to feel comfortable and encourage curiosity.  Our office is decorated with your child in mind - happy, fun and comfortable.

We will "show and tell" everthing we're doing so that there are no surprises.  Our practice philosophy is to provide excellent oral health care.  As for the exam itself, we'll look carefully at teeth and gums; assess the development of the bite and how the jaws are aligned.  We may take x-rays if we need a closer look - we want to know how your child's dental growth is coming along. 

Dr. Derenzo is a specialist in pediatric and orthodontic dentistry.  His practice has the latest technology available in laser dentistry and Opalescence tooth whitening systems.

He has a caring, nurturing team that will ensure your child's first visit is a positive one.

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry & American Association of Orthodontists